25 years later, woman reunites with childhood nanny inside Florida Publix


Crystal DePoo hadn’t seen her childhood nanny, Rufina, in 25 years. So when she learned Rufina was working at a Key West Publix, she decided to make a surprise visit.

Crystal was on vacation with her family when the reunion happened.

“You know, I still cry thinking about it,” Crystal said.

In the emotional video captured by Crystal’s husband, Rufina takes a few seconds to recognize Crystal before breaking into tears and giving her a hug. The video currently has more than a million likes on TikTok.

Rufina worked as a nanny for Crystal’s family in the Dominican Republic. Crystal described Rufina as a “second mom”.

“I’m so happy,” Rufina said after the Key West reunion.

The two plan to continue staying in touch after their time apart.


Watch the video above to see the full reunion unfold.

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