9 E-Bikes stolen from Bonita Springs flea market


BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. – Bike thieves used bolt cutters to cut their way through the fence of the Flamingo Island Flea Market in Bonita Springs.

Now the owner of Green Bikes Electric Motor Company wants to know why it was so easy for them to make off with 16 thousand dollars worth of his merchandise. 

Rene Chavez, a local veteran and owner of Green Bikes, said he’s been selling his E-Bikes at the Flea Market for 3 years. He said the thieves stole nine of them Sunday night.

“Oh Yeah, we sell bikes every weekend, and this is our slow season,” Chavez said. “At first everybody thought I was crazy, what? Bikes? Electric Bikes? Where is the engine? People didn’t know much about it. Really in the past 2 years, it’s taken off after COVID.” 

But on Sunday night, he suffered a setback, when he got a call from Lee County Deputies about his storefront being broken into. On Monday, he showed us the hole in the fence, made by the thieves. Through that hole, he lost 9 E-Bikes, valued at $16,000. 

Some of them were still unopened in the box. 

“So I talked to the lady from the flea market, she said there was no way the alarm couldn’t have gone off. I said listen, I spent the morning here doing inventory, by myself,” Chavez said. 


Despite a quick response by deputies, so far there’s been no luck tracking down the stolen bikes. 

So how did the thieves manage to get in so easily? That’s what Rene wants to know. 

“There is no security at all. I entrust 16 thousand dollars in inventory here, and she said she got an alarm message, but it was only for 3 seconds, so she ignored it,” he said. 

Chavez mentioned that neighbors had managed to get a video of the thieves that broke in, but unfortunately it was too blurry for them to be recognized. 

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