Aaron Bean CD 4 ad talks family, inflation


Titled ‘Bean Sprouts,’ the 30-second spot introduces the Bean sons to the district.

Sen. Aaron Bean’s congressional campaign released a new ad this week, though it’s had notably fewer views and airings than the political action committee-backed ad that dropped in the Jacksonville market for the 4th Congressional District the day before.

Titled “Bean Sprouts,” the 30-second spot introduces the Bean sons to the district.

“We called them the ‘Bean sprouts’ whether they liked it or not,” Bean says in a voiceover while a video of photos of the children, designed to look like Polaroids, moves across the screen. 

“I’m Aaron Bean, and those are my three sons — Bradley, Gray and Walker,” Bean adds, as the camera goes to him speaking in front of a white wall.

“Today they’re grown men, but they’re still our boys. My children and yours count on us to do the right thing, stop reckless spending, end runaway inflation, safeguard our freedoms, so that ‘Bean sprouts’ and all sprouts inherit an America that’s safe, strong and free.”

The ad started its run Wednesday, with more than $4,500 spent so far. As of 9 a.m. Friday, the ad aired 24 times for more than 549,000 impressions of adults 35 years old and older, according to data collected by AdImpact.

Recent polling shows Bean with large leads over Republican Primary opponents Erik Aguilar and Jon Chuba.

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