After unexplainable change of heart, single man leaves lavish life to adopt ten sons


If you ask Rick Fardo how it happened, not even he can explain why or how he went from being a corporate executive with a lavish lifestyle to a father of ten sons.

“It just did,” Rick said matter of factly.

What makes Rick’s story even more interesting is that he once dismissed the idea of ever having children. “Before I got married, I told my now ex-wife… ‘I don’t want children. I want my cars. I want to travel. I don’t want kids touching my stuff.’”

Rick’s change of heart came after his separation with his wife. Almost on a whim, he decided to take in foster children. That led to the adoption of ten of them.

“He’s basically saved all of our lives,” Jayson Fardo, one of Rick’s sons said. “He took us from these really bad places in our lives and just gave us the opportunity to be what we want to be,” he added.

Rick raised most of his boys in the midwest before moving to Florida. He currently lives in Port Charlotte and hopes to be an example for others considering adoption or foster children.

“They’ve grown to become pretty good productive adults,” Rick said. “Everybody says ‘you’ve done all this.’ No, I can provide the path, but they have to make the choice they want to make more out of their life.”


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