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The new second edition of the Bed Bug Handbook is now available for purchase.

Building on the successful first edition published in 2007, this greatly expanded and illustrated second addition covers bed bugs and their control and it aims to bridge the gap between research and pest control.

At 375 pages, fully illustrated with 290 color photographs, and with extensive checklists, the Bed Bug Handbook is jam-packed with new material on all aspects of bed bugs and their control.

To order the book, or for more information on its contents, go to

Topics covered include the following:

o Action checklists by site

o Action plans

o Aggregation

o Bed bug activity periods

o Bed bug policies

o Bed bugs and health

o Bed isolation

o Best practices

o Biology

o Bite reactions

o Canine scent detection

o Clutter reduction

o Cold treatments

o Confirming infestations

o Contracts and service agreements

o Disease

o Disinfesting by laundering and drying

o Dispersal

o Ecology

o Education and outreach

o Encasements

o EPA-exempt products

o Feeding habits

o Formulations of insecticides

o Fumigation

o Growth and development

o Heat treatment

o Host choice

o Insecticide effectiveness

o Insecticide options

o Inspections

o Insurance

o Interceptor traps

o Lawsuits

o Limited service option

o Low-prep option

o Management plans

o Management versus elimination

o Monitoring for bed bugs

o Occupational safety and health

o Preparation requirements

o Preventive treatments

o Professionalism and ethics

o Recordkeeping

o Re-infestation

o Reservoirs of bed bugs

o Resident cooperation

o Resistance to insecticides

o Signs of bed bugs

o Social and societal impacts

o Specialty products

o Standards of care

o Steam treatment

o Training

o Treatment sites o Underreported infestations

o Unsuitable practices and ineffective tools

The book provides professionals with science-based and practical guidance to help you stay up to date on the ever-changing world of bed bugs and their control.

For more information on its contents, or to order the book go to


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