Ashley Moody urges restrictions on Chinese property buys in Florida


Attorney General Ashley Moody is the latest Florida official to be alarmed by communist China buying up parcels in the Sunshine State.

In the wake of Gov. Ron DeSantis harrumphing the “huge problem” of Chinese acquisitions, Moody echoed the Governor’s concerns Tuesday in a Fox Business Network interview.

“Well, just look at the volume,” Moody said. “I think what’s shocking the leaders here in Florida is that for 14 years running Florida has been the #1 state in foreign investment in our land.”

Florida acquisitions, Moody noted, made up 24% of the $6.1 billion of foreign investment in American property last year. And some of the land is prime, she noted.

“And when you’re looking at the type of land being bought, I think what presents a challenge is: Is this in a military strategic area? Is this farmland that we’re relying on for our domestic food supply and security?”

Asked by host Stuart Varney if there were plans to stop Chinese nationals from buying Florida land, Moody said the Governor was “looking at facts and strategy.”

“We know that they are bottling up our land,” Moody said, also contending that American ports were in peril from the Chinese threat.

“There is no doubt that we are vulnerable and we need someone to pay attention to this,” Moody noted.

Moody advocated “disclosures,” like those seen in other states, for foreign purchases of agricultural property.

“Florida has no restrictions. Now compare that to China. China does have restrictions on foreign investment,” Moody said. “There is no doubt our policies are self-sacrificing and outdated, they leave us vulnerable.”

Moody made the comments on the Fox Business Network program “Varney and Co.,” days after DeSantis warned about the issue on the Fox News Channel.

“I don’t think they should be able to do it,” DeSantis said on the Ingraham Angle.

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