Authorities add surveillance cameras in Downtown Fort Myers after gun-related incidents


FORT MYERS, Fla. — In the past week, there was a shooting in Downtown Fort Myers and a man was arrested for bringing a gun out during an altercation.

Both incidents happened near popular bars and restaurants, and also near a county-owned parking lot.

After the shooting, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) deployed a mobile surveillance tower inside the parking lot, in addition to the Fort Myers Police Department’s (FMPD) street cameras in the area.

“It’s great that the sheriff’s department is going to help out, I’m really excited about that,” said Raimond Aullen, owner of the Indigo Room and 86 Room.

The Fort Myers Police Department met with city leaders multiple times this week following a Monday night council meeting where downtown safety was brought up.

The Department said, “We are always open to hearing what suggestions and improvements are brought to the table.”

Meanwhile, Councilman Fred Burson says the issue isn’t a downtown problem, it’s much bigger than that.


“It’s not a gun problem, it’s a mental illness,” said Councilman Burson.

He says with the street cameras, and technology used throughout the area, a curfew isn’t necessary.

“As far as I’m concerned the curfew is not on the table,” said Councilman Burson.

Some local business owners didn’t like the idea either.

“That would be really bad for business, it infringes on people’s rights,” said Aullen. “The people who aren’t doing anything wrong would be subject to the curfew as well.”

Councilman Burson said if the police department came to city council and asked for additional assistance, he’d be in favor of it.

“That’s just it the police department hasn’t raised the issue, it’s other people raising the issues, people who just dont have a good understanding how today’s society works,” said Councilman Burson.

The Fort Myers Police Department also wrote, “We continue to have increased manpower in the downtown area during events and closing time of late night establishments. We understand there have been recent incidents in the downtown area, however the shooting incident was isolated and involved known individuals.”

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