Bayfront loses live music permit due to violations and noise complaints


NAPLES, Fla. — The popular nightlife hub and residential community Bayfront has officially had its live music permit revoked by the Naples City Council. 

“The decision was pre-made. We didn’t get a chance to explain ourselves,” said Daniel Isakov, the Property Manager of the Bayfront Condos.

The Council voted unanimously Monday morning during their meeting to take away the area’s right to entertainment. 

The Council cited noise ordinance violations (decibel levels of noise to high) on two separate occasions as well as a number of noise complaints filed to the Naples Police Department, according to meeting minutes and agenda items reviewed by NBC2. 

“Every time somebody buys a home here … this year we had about 46 new homeowners move in. They do their due diligence, they know exactly why they are coming here. They know exactly why they are buying here. You have the convenience of restaurants. Marina. Nightlife available at your fingertips,” said Isakov.                                           

The following are records provided to NBC2 from the Naples Police Department regarding noise complaints in the Bayfront area:

2020 – 3


2021 – 9

2022 – 6

Grand Total – 18 

“The complaints encompass all noise complaints for Bayfront, not just those associated with the promenade or live entertainment. It includes things such as dogs barking, loud music from vehicles, people loudly talking, and noise nuisance calls regarding people staying or events occurring at the Bay Front Inn (loud weddings, etc.),” said Naples Police in a statement to NBC2. 

A number of Bayfront’s restaurants and bars have regular live music shows as part of their daily entertainment. The area includes local hot-spots such as EJ’s Cafe, K-Rico Mexican Grille, and the Cabana Bayfront Bar. 

It also is home to over 120 condos, most of which are situated above the aforementioned restaurants and bars. 

“I think the problem we have is having a restaurant, bar and lounge with a residential mix. I think no matter when you do that, you’re gonna have a few people that it – doesn’t gel,” said Matt Anzivino, the General Manager of the Bayfront Inn Naples – just across the water. 

NBC2 has reached out to both the Mayor of Naples and the Naples City Council for comment.  They have not returned our inquiries. 

“We hope that within a couple of months we will get our permit back. We will follow the rules and people we will happy we have it back and we can celebrate,” said Siobhan McCarthy, a Bayfront Condo resident. 

This is an ongoing story. Count on NBC2 for further updates as they come directly into our newsroom.

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