Burglar busts through AC unit to rob North Fort Myers restaurant


NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. – A North Fort Myers restaurant is looking at thousands of dollars in repairs after a burglar forced their way into the business.

The owner of the La Bamba Restaurant Jose Gustavo Lepe says a man broke in through his AC unit on Friday.

In surveillance video, given exclusively to NBC2, you can see the burglar fall from the ceiling.

Lepe says he broke through the cash register and stole 50 bucks.

“This is our bread everyday,” Lepe said. “We work very hard 7 days a week sometimes from early in the morning to late in the vending to try and keep this going with everything that is going on the ups and downs and now this, it’s tough it’s very hard.”

Now the repairs are costing Lepe $2,000.

“We are concerned about the area and then yesterday over here the laundromat,” Lepe said.


On Monday, the laundromat next door was broken into too. The thief broke their quarter machine and stole nearly $100 in change.

Now Lee County deputies are searching for these thieves.

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