Cape Coral family wants answers after fish was lost & damaged by UPS


CAPE CORAL, Fla. — A Cape Coral family wants answers after their fish went missing and was damaged in transit by UPS.

Kerri Lewis has fond memories of a five-foot sailfish hanging on her parents’ wall.

“My mom caught it when I was about seven or eight years old,” she said. “My mom was reeling it in and she couldn’t do it so my dad had to take over and reel it in.”

After her mom had passed, she wanted to mount the fish on her own wall to keep the tradition going.

She did not think getting the fish from Arkansas to Florida would be this difficult.

“I took it back to texas and left it at my daughters house,” her husband Steven Lewis said. “I had to have my friend ship it to me.”

But when it got there it was in pieces.


“We have insurance for $500,” Steven said. “Great, if we can do that, maybe we can get it repaired.”

Lewis brought the sailfish to the UPS damage claim center in Fort Myers because of the damages after it arrived from Texas.

But now he said an employee told him it’s in the trash.

“They are giving us the big double deuces on the fish that they lost, actually that they destroyed,” Kerri said.

Now Kerri has nothing to remember her mother by.

“No fish and no insurance money, nope nothing,” she said.

We reached out to UPS and they said, “We will work directly with the customer to resolve this situation.”

So far, Kerri and Steven said this has not happened for months.

“How do you lose a freaking five foot fish? And then it gets destroyed?,” Kerri said.

These are the questions she keeps wanting answers to.

The Lewis family said they want UPS to own up to the responsibility of their actions.

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