Cape Coral man received $30k estimate for electric car battery replacement


CAPE CORAL, Fla. – A Cape Coral man is charged up, after he took his vehicle in for a repair and received an estimate for nearly $30,000.

The car was a Hybrid Chevy Volt and needed a full battery replacement at Roger Dean Chevrolet in Cape Coral.

On Monday, the dealership confirmed that it was true, but the quote to replace the battery was so high was because the model was 12 years old and out-of-warranty.

The dealership declined an interview, but on Facebook explained that the Volt is a discontinued hybrid vehicle. That made finding replacement parts difficult and expensive.

“As far as electric cars go, they are getting made in better ways now.” said Ian, who leases a more recent electric model, “The Bolt”.

“Literally getting a new Bolt, the 2023 Bolt I think, is $26,000 new. The entire cost of the battery replacement,” he said.

Ian explained, in the decade since the Volt came out, EV cars have gotten cheaper.


“I feel like electric vehicle space is innovating a lot,” he said. “It’s moving on past the initial if something goes wrong with your battery, you hit a rock or something and you need to spend the entire amount you spent on your car to fix it.”

While maintaining and replacing EV Batteries is still more expensive, the $30,000 estimate is still the exception, not the norm.

“I’m like ‘well that’s gotta suck for that person’,” Ian added. “Now that might not be as much of an issue for people with newer cars and stuff like that.”

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