Cape Coral offering “No Soliciting” door hangers to residents


CAPE CORAL, Fla. – Are you tired of solicitors constantly knocking on your door all hours of the day? 

The City of Cape Coral and the Cape Coral Police Department are offering free “Stop! No Soliciting” door hangers.

The signs were created in response to residents who have reached out with concerns regarding unwelcome guests coming to their homes. The bright yellow door hangers can be recognized from the street to let solicitors know which houses to skip. 

“I know it’s only a piece of paper, but it does provide a sense of well-being and peace,” said Brandon Sancho, a spokesperson for the Cape Coral Police Dept. 

In the City of Cape Coral, solicitors are required to be permitted. They cannot solicit on Sundays and from 5 p.m. to 9 a.m daily. Door knockers must leave the property if requested and obey any signs placed on the property. 

If a solicitor disregards signage and refuses to leave the property, homeowners can call the police department’s non-emergency line at 239-574-3223. To verify the solicitor’s permit, call City Hall at 311. 


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