Cape Coral resident loses $140k in scam


CAPE CORAL, Fla. — On Tuesday, someone in Cape Coral got an email from a fake title company asking for a down payment.

They are now out $140,000. They only found out when the title company asked where the money was.

Laura Caruthers is a closing officer, she said she avoids scams by staying in communication with her clients.

“I get links all the time that people act like they are closing instructions. We get them from our own underwriter,” said Caruthers.

Emails from scammers can look almost identical to the real one, but don’t be fooled by minor typos. Call your title company before sending any money.

Travis Robinson said he gets so many scams call and emails that he double checks everything.

“Even when I use Zelle, I will send someone a dollar first and I will call them, ‘did you get that dollar,’” said Robinson.


As for the person who was scammed, there is no guarantee that title insurance will cover the money.

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