Cape Coral residents create petition against LCEC bill hikes


CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Cape Coral residents have had enough with opening their bills and seeing more money needing to go toward their power bills, so they have decided to try and do something about it.

“Our bill has gone up 27% in the past month, 48% since January,” resident Tina Lopez said.

“My electric bill is outrageous, these prices are crazy– how do they think people can afford this,” those are just a few comments Cape Coral residents have for the Lee County Electric Cooperative or LCEC after getting their bills.

Lopez is not alone. More than 700 people agree and have started a petition.

Although, LCEC said part of the increase residents here are noticing could be associated with City of Cape Coral taxes.

“We sympathize with customers,” LCEC Public Relations Director Karen Ryan said. “We know it is tough, and we’re hoping that there is some relief in the future.

Ryan said Cape Coral power bills have two extra taxes, including a seven percent public service tax and a three percent franchise fee.


But they are not new taxes.

And no matter the reason, bills have gone up.

“We have actually increased the power cost three times this year,” Ryan said. “The increase in the power cost adjustment is 48%.”

And residents are feeling the impact.

The creator of the petition said something has to be done. He is paying $100 more now for one person living in his house compared to when six people were there.

For the time being, Ryan does not anticipate your power bill dropping in the near future. And it’s not in their control either.

They get their power from Florida Power and Light and pass the cost on to you.

“The best thing to do is just to try everything that they can to conserve because, for every kilowatt hour used, they will see that power cost applied to their usage,” Ryan said.

The petition has set a goal of getting more than one thousand signatures. However, it is merely a symbolic way of showing their anger.

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