Cape Coral woman’s dog run over and killed by driver


CAPE CORAL, Fla. — A Cape Coral woman’s chihuahua was hit and killed by a driver on her street who never stopped. Beverly Scull-Jones lives on SE 21st Avenue. Over the last month, she lost the two most important things in her life.

Her husband Gary died from a heart condition in the hospital in late June. On Friday, July 22, she lost the living connection she shared with him, their dog Pluto.

“The two of them were the best of friends,” she said, “When my husband passed away, I was very sad and I was very upset. However, I was prepared for the inevitable. The dog, I was not…”

Around 9:30 p.m., a neighbor’s cameras recorded her taking Pluto for a walk. The street doesn’t have sidewalks so the two strolled where the pavement meets the grass. “I saw a car coming around the corner from the street down the road,” she said, “I ran forward waving my hands to have him slow down and he disregarded me and I had to jump out of the way.”

The car hit Pluto and didn’t stick around. Now, Beverly hopes the driver comes forward to Cape Coral Police to bring her some sort of closure.


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