Charlotte County correction officer fired following improper strip search


PUNTA GORDA, Fla. — A Charlotte County correction officer was fired following multiple infractions, including conducting an improper strip search.

According to an Internal Investigations report, an inmate alleged that Correction Officer Frederick Frey entered his cell on May 4th.

While inside the cell, Frey locked the door and made him perform a strip search while in the presence of another inmate. The inmate also alleged that Frey took his pants off during the incident.

The following day, the inmate reported the improper behavior, leaving to the investigation. Frey was placed on administrative leave at the time.

As Major Case Detectives interviewed Frey, he admitted that he did enter the cell without the assistance of the other Corrections Officer Christoper Brady. Frey claimed that he entered the cell to talk with an inmate who was dealing with personal issues, but did admit that it was not within policy to enter the cell and intentionally close the door behind him.

Frey denied performing a strip search, but did say the inmates began changing clothes because they were preparing for a haircut and shave for the night. He suggested the inmates began removing their clothes for ulterior motives, but claimed no one undressed to the point of being naked.

It was found that Frey did not activate his body-worn camera during the incident.


Further investigation into Frey’s actions, found another incident where he engaged with “slap-boxing” with an inmate. During the altercation, video evidence found Frey lift his knee and strike an inmate in the haircut room.

Frey denied the altercation happened, despite the video evidence. He claimed the inmate tripped over a wire on the ground.

The report confirmed that there was evidence that Frey had several violations, but found no evidence that he took off his pants.

“CDFC Frey violated policies when he entered and locked himself in a cell with two inmates, made at least one inmate perform a strip search in front of another inmate,” the report read. “All of which was not reported or documented in writing or on a body-worn camera.”

The investigation revealed that Christopher Brady was found to have known about both events and failed to notify his superiors. He has been placed on one year of disciplinary probation and given an 86-hour suspension without pay.

Frey made headlines in 2020, when he discharged a gun at a Port Charlotte business. The bullet would strike the floor and broke into pieces.

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