Charlotte High School bolsters security following school shooting threat investigation


PUNTA GORDA, Fla. — Students at Charlotte High School saw extra police around campus today after an investigation into a school shooting threat.

Detectives determined there was no merit to it. However, they did keep the student responsible off campus anyway.

Lt. Justin Davoult of the Punta Gorda Police Department said they received several concerning calls last night after parents posted about a threat on Facebook.

“Well we kind of have to go backwards at that point because we sometimes have the information or the video, or a Snapchat, or something along those lines, then we have to work backwards to find out where that information originated from,” he said.

The school’s resource officer was able to track down the student who made concerning comments. Although police said the student didn’t specifically threaten a shooting, he did make comments about school safety.

So on top of keeping the student off campus today, and every day until the investigation is complete, police also increased their presence at Charlotte High School.

It’s only the 8th day of school, and students leaving today had mixed feelings about their safety.


Some say they felt safe because they knew the threat wasn’t real. Others said they still looked over their shoulders.

Police say posting threats or information about threats on social media isn’t the best idea. Instead, you should be contacting law enforcement and school staff directly.

“There’s a statewide fortify Florida [app] that anyone can anonymously report information like this to that [app] and that information goes directly to the schools and to law enforcement,” Davoult said.

Both Punta Gorda Police and the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office put out releases about the concern.

“The safety and security of our students will always be our first priority. As parents ourselves, we know the fear these situations create and I want to assure you that my staff investigates them extensively and expeditiously,” states Sheriff Bill Prummell.

“We take any threat against our schools incredibly seriously. We will always investigate potential threats thoroughly and will take any action necessary to protect our students and school staff. We want to again remind students, school personnel, and parents to always report potential threats or suspicious activity to law enforcement,” said Chief Pam Davis.

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