Collier County criminal linked to car wash burglary, brings total charges to 44


COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. – A Collier County burglary suspect continues to rack up charges after now being linked to a 2021 burglary at a Naples Car Wash.

Antoly Kutsar, 40, has had three additional charges added to his criminal resume bring the total number of charges he faces to 44.

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In September of 2021, Kutsar and Rachael Noel Kaz-Clark were arrested at a Holiday Day Inn on out-of-state warrants. The two tried to elude deputies by cutting a hole through their hotel room wall and make their way into another hotel room, in an attempt to sneak out the window.

Following their arrest, an investigation led to the discovery of a storage unit where evidence was uncovered for multiple burglaries in various states, including many crimes committed in Collier County. One of the items recovered was a surveillance DVR taken from the Your Choice Car Wash following a burglary from August of 2021.

Video retrieved from the DVR shows Kutsar approaching the establishment around 1:00am on August 23rd, 2021. He would enter the building from a rear door, before making his way into a washroom. Once inside, Kutsar would use a drill and cutting tools to remove a large mirror and plasterboard. He would then create a hole four-feet tall and nearly three-feet wide to gain access to the office and maintenance room which contained money collection machines.

Once inside, cameras captured him spending 30 minutes in the office going back and forth between the money trays and safe. He would use a grinder to cut a hole in one of the safes, which contained multiple sets of keys. Kutsar would then cut the wires to the surveillance camera DVR system and took it with him as he left the business.


Aside from video evidence, detectives were also able to use a drill bit recovered from the scene and match it to the one Kutsar used in the burglary.

In total Kutsar stole approximately $3,500 in cash and merchandise while causing over $15,000 in damages to the business.

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For his role in the car wash burglary, Kutsar has been additionally charged with burglary, grand theft and criminal mischief.

He has been in the Collier County jail since September of 2021.

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