Community mourns loss of mother and son killed in Arcadia car crash


ARCADIA, Fla. — A devastating accident in Arcadia killed a mother and her 13-year-old son over the weekend. Now, hearts are broken all over the small town.

Kaylee Hampton, her husband, and two boys were riding on County Road 660 in their gator when another car clipped them from behind and ejected all four.

“Supposedly, the driver was coming, going at least 80-90 mph, from what we’ve gathered. He lost control,” Ashley Beck said.

Beck’s known Hampton since they were kids growing up together in Desoto County.

Hampton died at the scene. Her husband and one son survived and are fighting for their lives at two separate hospitals. 13-year-old Cail died in an ambulance.

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These four aren’t the only ones hurting, though. Beck said Hampton and her husband’s other children were standing within eyesight of the crash Friday night.


“They all need all the prayers they can get, especially the other two kids. They were in the yard, and they witnessed it happen. They saw everything that happened, so the family when I say are shook to the core, they are shook to the core,” she said.

Pieces and parts of the gator, plus a broken fence, are all that’s left at the crash site. FHP reports the driver of the other vehicle was hospitalized with injuries. The investigation is still active, so it’s unknown whether he/she will face any charges.

While waiting for closure, Beck and the rest of Arcadia are working together to plan benefits for the next two Saturdays. One, this coming Saturday at the Tractor Supply. Another will follow the weekend of the 17th at Elks Arcadia.

“If Kaylee was standing here right now, she’d tell you to put one foot in front of the other and get to moving,” Beck said. “We know what the next move is, and that’s to take care of her family like she would’ve stepped up and took care of ours, so we’re going to keep on moving and keep their memory alive in everything we do.”

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