Confusion clouds upcoming Florida governor Primary ballot


NBC2 has discovered some of your votes for governor are not being counted in the August Primary and there is confusion for both democrats and republican voters in that race with Election Day more than two weeks away.

Some democrats are confused about the wording on their ballot. It reads Governor and Lt. Governor and lists four options including well known candidates Charlie Crist and Nikki Fried, and two lesser known candidates that many are mistaking for lieutenant governor candidates when in fact they’re candidates for governor.

The ballot instructs voters to mark one but Lee Election Supervisor Tommy Doyle said he’s noticing many voters marking two candidates instead. The error forces his office not to count the vote.

Doyle explained that in prior elections the ballot used to read governor and it pointed out that the lieutenant governor had not yet been selected.

Governor not yet selected. The legislators took the not yet selected out and kept lt. Governor in there and that has caused some confusion.

“I think it’s confusing people because it says governor and lieutenant governor,” Doyle explained.

Mark Carlson of Cape Coral looked at the ballot and called it puzzling and said he understood how it could leave some voters confused.


Doyle said the issue was brought up when ballots were being designed during the ballot layout but he explained legislators wanted the current wording kept in place.

Cory Brinson of Fort Myers blamed voters for not following directions since it clearly reads vote for one.

Despite whose fault it is, Doyle said anyone who votes for more than one person in the governor’s race will not have their vote counted.

Meanwhile, many republicans want to know why Ron DeSantis isn’t on their ballot.

“They think we made a mistake and didn’t put the governor in the race but that’s not the case. The governor has no challengers in the republican party,” Doyle said.

In Florida that means he doesn’t make the ballot – until the general election something new voters from other states weren’t aware of. Many open primary states still include the candidate’s name when there is no challenger.

Trish Robertson is with the Collier County Election Supervisors Office and said Florida’s election laws are different from other states like Ohio, California and Georgia.

Any voter who hasn’t requested a mail ballot yet has until Saturday, August 13 at 5 p.m. to do so.

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