Direct mail round-up: Group slams ‘Fake’ Jake Hoffman for liberal spending habits and positions


Make America Florida PAC peers into the state House candidate’s history.

A new mailer is encouraging voters in state House District 65 to confront Republican Jake Hoffman about past political positions.

“If liberal ‘Fake’ Jake Hoffman knocks on your door,” the mailer suggests, “ask him these 4 questions.”

A black-and-white photo of Hoffman superimposed over images of Democratic President Joe Biden and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tops a series of criticisms leveled at Hoffman through the campaign. The mailer was made by the Make America Florida PAC.

The first question goes after Hoffman’s heavy spending after receiving a Paycheck Protection Program loan.

“Did you really use $450,000 in taxpayer funded, forgivable loans to but a new $150,000 luxury car and brag about it on Facebook?”

In his defense, Hoffman has said the Aston Martin V8 Vantage he boasted about buying in 2020 is an older model and cost only $29,000.

The mailer also savages political positions Hoffman took in recent years, including those taken while he led the Tampa Bay Young Republicans.

For example, the organization in 2018 supported restoring voting rights for felons once they have completed their sentences. Hoffman also vocally supported the amendment on social media.

“When Republicans are looking to secure elections, why do you want convicted violent criminals voting?” the mailer asks.

The mailer also said voters should ask Hoffman about support for a tax on property owners that would raise $645 million.

The mailer closes by questioning Hoffman on why he opposes “giving the families of slain cops and soldiers permanent death benefits.”

“After you ask ‘Fake’ Jake Hoffman, ask yourself: Do we really want a self described Liberal Republican as our next Representative?” the mailer closes.

The political piece challenged Hoffman on his conservative bona fides as he faces Karen Gonzalez Pittman and Michael Minardi in a Republican Primary. The nomination will be decided on Aug. 23. The winner will face Democrat Jen McDonald in November in a swing district where Democrat Joe Biden narrowly won support in the 2020 election from 51% of voters and Republican Donald Trump took 47% of the vote.

Make America Florida mailer

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