E-mail insights: ‘Ready for Ron’ DeSantis push for 2024 continues


Whether Gov. Ron DeSantis is ready to run for President or not, a group unaffiliated with him bets that 2024 voters will be “ready for Ron” nonetheless.

Self-styled “advocates and spokespeople” for the effort, called “Ready for Ron,” assert “growing momentum as the only credible organization working to draft, and elect, Ron DeSantis as President in 2024.”

“We are 100% committed to drafting and electing Ron DeSantis in 2024. Ron DeSantis is the best choice to carry the America first agenda forward,” veteran political consultant Ed Rollins said, in an email from the group making the rounds this week.

Much of the momentum has been via the most persuasive of all forms of political messaging: opinion editorials, including one from Rollins himself.

“With a commitment to defending the rights of parents, getting inflation and government spending under control, and solving the problems the radical left causes, DeSantis can unify the grassroots activists and his volunteers and donors. Undeterred by bullies and the woke mob alike, he is listening and putting people first every step of the way. No class warfare — only common ground,” read a Rollins placement in Real Clear Politics.

“From Florida to the blue states north and west, America is ready for Mr. DeSantis. He will make America great again, carrying on the (Donald) Trump tradition and inspiring hope in our country yet again. It can’t come soon enough,” wrote Lilian Rodrigues Baz, Ready for Ron’s Chief Legal Counsel wrote in The Washington Times.

Though this effort continues apace, it is not with the sanction of Ron DeSantis’ political operation.

Fox News reported in June that Team DeSantis was warning donors off of Ready for Ron. Campaign legal counsel Benjamin Gibson said the PAC is “actively taking financial resources away from Governor DeSantis and his re-election efforts” in an “aggressive media campaign to promote itself.”

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