Email insights: What Ron DeSantis doesn’t want Donald Trump to see


Gov. Ron DeSantis is in the Rust Belt Friday, in the latest example of political commitments taking the Governor out of Tallahassee.

And the Lincoln Project asserts that he’s hoping a potential 2024 rival of his isn’t paying close attention.

In “What Ron DeSantis doesn’t want Donald Trump to see,” the anti-Trump group spotlights a fundraising email from DeSantis to supporters as he’s “flying off to Utah and Nantucket and Arizona … to raise national money (and outflank Trump with the ultra-MAGA crew).”

The email quoted therein is the standard celebratory self-regard about how DeSantis kept Florida free by banning Zuckerbucks, critical race theory, sanctuary cities, and other totems of woke-ism, and it sets up the supposition that DeSantis is petitioning the Almighty for Trump’s downfall.

“Can’t you just see him watching the January 6th Committee hearings and praying for an indictment every time Merrick Garland calls a press conference while having his digital team squeeze every dollar they can out of the ultra-MAGA donor base? Ron’s just praying Trump’s too busy trying to find a criminal defense attorney to notice that he’s coming for Trump’s crown.”

The Lincoln Project has often juxtaposed Trump against DeSantis, as discussion continues to churn about whether he’s ready to topple the man whose endorsement was almost singularly responsible for him getting the Republican nomination four years ago against Adam Putnam. The last such comparison was as part of a limited market ad buy two days ago (Bedminster and Palm Beach targets) denoting Trump’s isolation in the GOP.

A spot last month honed in on the alleged conflict between Trump and DeSantis. “Star” depicts DeSantis as what a media release calls “the new MAGA superstar overtaking Donald Trump as the standard-bearer for the authoritarian movement formerly known as the GOP.”

”Ron DeSantis is the hot young starlet in the MAGAverse. DeSantis has taken everything from Trump but his trophy wife. DeSantis and his team are already picking out curtains in the White House and enjoying the January 6th Commission’s devastating attacks on Trump,” Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson asserted at the time.

Prior to that, both January and February ad buys were localized to Tallahassee and Palm Beach media markets on the Fox News Channel.

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