Family loses everything in Buckingham house fire sparked by faulty extension cord


BUCKINGHAM, Fla. (WBBH) – A Buckingham family has to start from scratch after a Sunday evening fire destroyed their home and everything inside. 

The Heuerman family was just sitting down to eat dinner at their home on Keygrass Lane. 

“We had meatballs, mash potatoes and green beans,” said Michael Heuerman. 

As they began to dig in, that’s when they smelled the aroma of burning plastic instead of their supper. 

Their plates still sit on the table with their meals half eaten. On the kitchen counter, serving bowls are filled with food now covered in mold and maggots, topped with a layer of soot, just like everything else in their home. 

“They look like the same color as the cabinets,” Michael said as he wiped his finger across the countertop. “But, they’re white.” “I know that fires happen but I never thought it would happen to us.”

The fire sparked in their garage from what the family learned was a faulty extension cord. 


From the time they found the smoke and flames, they barely had time to get out of the house before it was too late. 

“Three minutes, the whole house is on fire,” Michael said.

“It definitely shows you how fast these things really happen,” added Michael’s son, Blake Heuerman. 

Blake is the one that found the fire, despite saying he never even smelled the smoke. 

“When I opened that garage door and saw all of that smoke, at that point, I knew it was probably past fighting at that point,” he said. 

Firefighters told the family the fire appears to have started from a faulty extension cord in the garage.

It’s such a mundane thing. Actually, one that Michael used to shrug off. 

“I always kind of laughed at the ‘Oh check your cords and frayed cords and stuff,’” Michael said. 

But not anymore. He lost his house, two cars in the driveway and two pets: the family cat Panda and dog Chanel. 

“Extension cords are a lot more dangerous,” Blake said. “People just run them and leave them for years, just like we did. And then something like this happens.”

The family has insurance and the plan is to rebuild. However, the struggle now is trying to find a place to rent. 

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