FGCU students become new targets in a string of catalytic converter thefts


ESTERO, Fla. — FGCU students are the latest targets in a string of recent catalytic converter thefts. Because of this, some students are having to find new ways to get around. 

“It’s easy to get to, if you know how to do it, you can do it in 30 seconds, and it’s quick and easy,” said FGCU Junior Makayla Easter. 

Easter’s Mistubishi Outlander still sits in the parking lot of the West Lake Village Apartments at FGCU. It hasn’t moved since she tried starting it Monday morning. 

“I had to leave very early Monday morning for an event that I had, so I turned on my car and immediately it started making this rumbling sound, my check engine light was on…” she said. 

Easter says when she called the dealership and explained what happened, they told her her catalytic converter had likely been stolen. 

“They said they had about 7 cars in the shop with that, I was her second car today.” she added. 

Campus police said another Outlander was hit on Campus between Sunday and Tuesday. Thieves roam parking lots at night, armed with electric saws, looking for easy scores. Catalytic converters contain precious metals like Platinum and Palladium, making them a target for thieves. 


Now Easter has to rely on friends for a ride, while she waits to get her car fixed. 

“Because of how often it’s been happening, it’s a huge struggle to get the part, I can’t even drive my car, it affects the engine, the environment. Overall it’s just not good to drive without one,” she said. 

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