Fishermen’s Village in Punta Gorda could have multi-million dollar expansion


PUNTA GORDA, Fla. — You may know Fishermen’s Village for its annual Christmas lights or their mom and pop shops. But the Punta Gorda staple could soon see a huge expansion.

We’re talking about millions of dollars and lots of new features.

They’re still at least a year and a half away from the design being complete. However, when that day comes you can expect more places to eat and shop plus condos and professional living.

“No longer, hopefully, will Punta Gorda be a skip over or a just a stop for lunch that they might do as they’re traveling,” Elissa Allen said, GM of King Fisher Fleet. “It seems that people are coming down even during the summer when we haven’t normally seen them so now that there’s going to be residences on the property, and reasons for people to stay even longer, it’s gonna be nothing but improvement.”

Patti Allen, public relations manager for the village, said right now they’re estimating the project to cost $300 million.

“It’s prime time to grow, our community is growing and we want to grow with the community,” Allen said.

The money will go toward creating multiple new buildings to add condos, more hotel rooms, 45,000+ square feet of retail space and affordable living for professionals. That’s what Kurt Brown is most excited for. He owns three restaurants on site.


“I think the biggest part is the fact that there’s affordable housing planned for employees of fisherman’s village and being able to have a workforce that lives and works close to where we are, as opposed to having to drive here from NFM, north port, Arcadia or all those other places that have affordable living,” Brown said.

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