Florida Lawn Care Tips for Springtime


One of the first impressions people have of your home is your lawn. Here in Florida, where the weather is typically hot and humid nearly year-round, having a luscious, thriving lawn may seem like a daunting task; and while maintaining a healthy lawn is crucial to the overall appeal of your home, it doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are some DIY lawn care tips to keep your yard looking beautiful in the Florida heat.

Identify/Choose Your Grass:

Whether you’re starting from scratch or revitalizing your lawn, there are certain types of grass that grow best in Florida. These grasses are St. Augustine, Bahia, Bermuda, and Zoysia. If you already have an established lawn that you are looking to rekindle, identifying what type of grass you are growing is important.

Properly Fertilize

Once you have determined your grass, it is important to fertilize your lawn to encourage healthy and consistent growth. However, too much fertilizer can also damage your lawn and the environment around you due to runoff. Be sure you fertilize according to the label of the product you use.

Water on Schedule

Every grass needs water to grow; but did you know too much water can damage your lawn? Overwatering is a common cause of disease and pest infestation in your grass. Watering your grass 2-3 times a week during the growing season (roughly March-October) and once every 2 weeks during dormancy is ideal. This schedule allows the grass to grow stronger and deeper into the soil, helping it receive the nutrients it needs.

Mow the Right Way

It’s no secret that mowing your lawn is crucial to the overall health of your yard. And just like watering, it is important to set aside time each week or two to mow your lawn. Another good tip is to remember to set your blade height higher if you plan on mowing frequently. Keeping your grass mowed at a longer length helps establish the root system and will keep your lawn healthy even during the dormant season.

Combat Pests

While your lawn can be a pleasant place to spend your summer days, it is just as pleasant to bugs for feasting. And while following the tips above will help in preventing pests from invading your lawn, it is not guaranteed that you won’t experience some unwelcome guests. Bugs like armyworms, chinch bugs, and sod webworms are common pests you will find during the warmer season. We recommend receiving professional advice from a local professional lawn care company to make sure your lawn pests don’t get out of hand.

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