Florida nearly tops chart for most robocalls in the US


The U.S. is on track to see the most robocalls recorded ever. So far this year, people have received more than 28 billion unwanted calls.

More than 3.8 billion of those were dialed last month alone. Florida had the third most robocalls in the country at more than 307 million last month.

Just when you’re in the middle of something important your phone rings and you see it’s a spam call. It’s becoming a real problem and driving people like Liz Clement of Fort Myers crazy.

In one morning, she counted nine calls on her phone before noon.

“I’m aggravated by them,” she exclaimed.

She is among the millions in Florida noticing the increase.

Cinnamon Burke said her phone would ring nonstop all day before she downloaded an app to block the calls.


“I know at one time in a blocked sender list I had over 1,000 in just six months,” Burke noted.

Christian Wartchow owns CyberSecure IT Solutions and said his company is getting calls from clients asking if any of the calls are real.

He warns it’s not just fake calls but fake text messages people are receiving too.

“Somebody’s fishing for information about you and want to establish if you’re a vulnerable person they can scam,” Wartchow stated.

He warns that answering the messages or calls will make things worse, explaining that whoever is behind the calls now knows the number belongs to a real person.

Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis said about two months ago he was fed up with all of the complaints he was receiving and wanted to hold the FCC accountable for the calls.

Just this week the FCC issued a letter warning the rise of threats and scams.

Now Patronis is calling on phone companies to do more to protect people.

“There are three major carriers in the US and those three major carriers need to do more in protecting our consumers from fraudulent calls,” Patronis said.

Cape Coral lawmaker Mike Giallombardo isn’t immune to the calls confirming he too receives them daily.

He believes lawmakers can do more.

“We’re still doing research trying to figure out what we can do as a state without infringing on private companies’ rights,” Giallombardo said.

They are doing this while also protecting the rights of phone owners to peace and quiet from a ringing phone.

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