Girlfriend of man found guilty of second-degree murder speaks on conviction


FORT MYERS, Fla. – The girlfriend of a man found guilty of second-degree murder is speaking out about the conviction.

On Wednesday, Jose Espichan, 27, was found guilty for the 2021 murder of Jesus Milian Cabrera. Espichan shot Cabrera multiple time, in front of his children, at a Lee County gas station.

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Espichan’s girlfriend at the time of the shooting reached out to reporters about sharing her side.

Documents say Marissa Greenlee was inside the car with her two children when Espichan pulled the trigger. She said her kids were 5 and 7-years-old at the time.

“My kids were in foster care and separated, I had to fight to get them back,” says Greenlee.

She says she was disappointed with the jury after they found Epsichan guilty of second-degree murder.


“I think it’s crazy the fact that he was offered five years in ten years out and he didn’t take that because he thought that he had a chance,” says Greenlee. 

She says they plan to appeal. 

“We’re still going to try and fight it,” says Greenlee. 

Espichan sentencing is scheduled for the end of September. 

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