Good Samaritan saves baby having a seizure in Port Charlotte


PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. — A total stranger stepped in off the side of the road to save a baby who was having a seizure. Now the baby’s mother is searching for the woman to say thank you.

“I think honestly if it wasn’t for their fast actions she possibly would not be here today,” Virginia Anderson said.

Her baby, Braylee, started shaking in the backseat last Wednesday as the family was going to pick up their son from Port Charlotte Middle School.

When one son started screaming, Anderson’s daughter immediately turned around in her front seat.

“My 14-year-old daughter, Sophia, had immediately turned into the backseat and saw my daughter was staring at the screen,” Anderson said. “She wasn’t doing anything, her hands were shaking.”

She pulled over near Midway and Beacon to see what was going on.

“My daughter was purple. She was unresponsive. I couldn’t get her to verbalize or talk to me,” Anderson recalled.


She cried out for people nearby to dial 9-1-1. As she did, an African American woman with glasses and white scrubs pulled over in her white Chevy Impala or Malibu.

“She had told me that she was having a seizure. She had turned her over and said that she had taken a deep breath, that she was going to be okay,” Anderson said.

EMS took Braylee to Golisano Children’s Hospital where she had a 104 degree fever and her heart was beating 190x a minute. Doctors aren’t sure what spiked the fever.

Today, however, Braylee is feeling a lot better. She’s back to bouncing around her living room like nothing ever happened.

“Thanks to them she’s going to be having her first birthday on the 25th of August,” Anderson said. That’s why she said it’s imperative to find the woman. She wants to thank her for making sure her daughter would live.

Anderson said, “To me, she’s a blessing. She really is. For her to come in a white car and white scrubs, to me she’s an angel. She really is.”

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