Gov. DeSantis cuts tolls for Florida commuters for six months starting Sept. 1


Florida commuters who go through at least 40 tolls per month will see a cut in their tolls.

Florida commuters who frequently hit tolls will receive a discount at the end of each month, starting Sept. 1.

Gov. Ron DeSantis unveiled the SunPass Savings Program at an event in Orlando. He said it would save 400,000 drivers $40 million over the course of the six months it’s in effect.

SunPass and other Florida residents with toll transponders who go through 40 tolls in a month will receive a 20% discount, and those with 80 toll interactions will get a 25% cut in their bill at month’s end. DeSantis said commuters don’t have to sign up for anything, but drivers must have their account in good standing, without any unpaid tolls or fines to receive the discount.

DeSantis said the discounts will be effective on toll roads under the control of the Florida Turnpike, which includes the turnpike itself and many other roads throughout Florida, but not on tolls under the control of the Central Florida Expressway or the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority.

The toll discounts, though, are an initial taste of a larger tax cut plan DeSantis said is in the works to propose to the Legislature for their next Regular Session, in March 2023. Inflation at levels not seen since the late 1970s has pinched pocketbooks, so he’s aiming to put together a tax cut package next year to mitigate that.

And although DeSantis said Thursday he’s not ready for a formal unveiling of the plan, it will include cuts to tolls in Orlando and Miami, which the Legislature must approve.

DeSantis also mentioned the tax cut package he signed earlier this year, which includes a one-month gas tax cut during October, a moratorium on sales taxes on diapers for one year and sales tax holidays on hurricane preparedness items and back-to-school items.

“This is small but important savings, and when you look at everything else we’re doing, this adds up to give people some breathing room because inflation is costing people thousands of dollars a year,” DeSantis said. “So if we could provide some relief here and there, we’re providing some support for folks.”

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