Hurricane Week: What month has south Florida experienced the most hurricanes?


We are quickly approaching the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season, which falls on September 10. When we look at the Sunshine State alone, we have seen the most activity during September. Almost 20 major hurricanes have made landfall in Florida during September, including the most recent, Hurricane Irma.

However, when we analyze data just for south Florida landfalling hurricanes, it becomes clear that October is actually the month with the most activity. We’ve seen over 20 hurricanes make landfall in south Florida during October, 6 of which were Category 3 strength or greater.

This is why you can’t let your guard down, even after the peak of the season. Remember, it only takes one storm to make for an extremely impactful season for you, regardless of how active the season in general is.

Count on the NBC 2 Hurricane Tracking Team to keep you informed. Are you prepared for hurricane season? Read our online hurricane guide here to get caught up and ready for the season.


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