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The pest control industry relies on product manufacturers to develop innovative ways to help meet the needs of customers. This innovation also is crucial for developing solutions that are environmentally friendly. Firms need to be able to continue to stay one step ahead of the competition and doing so in a way that increases profitability on a year-to-year basis.

According to Jason Payne, owner of Payne Pest Management, San Diego, having new technologies created regularly is relied upon heavily by pest management professionals, both owners and technicians.

“I’m 100% in favor of new technologies because we must adapt our service protocols because states are becoming more and more stringent with laws and products we can use,” says Payne. He added that he is in favor of the industry supporting more environmentally friendly technologies on one condition: “As long as they work,” he said.

While consumers are not calling up and requesting green solutions, Jeff King, owner of the Pest Rangers Hanover Township, Pa., is on board with more environmentally friendly products being added to the marketplace.

“Yes, it’s smart that the industry focuses on this because things change so rapidly,” King says. “It’s always good to be on the forefront of these issues thinking of better ways to provide value to clients while maintaining a safe environment.”

But developing products that are good for the environment brings a perception that they might cost more, especially when they are new products, King said.

“While I understand the reasons for new technologies, the end user is more concerned about cost. Unfortunately, when clients are faced with increasing costs to cover technology it is often met with resistance.”

In some ways, environmentally friendly new products not only will provide a different approach to pest control, but also a new source of revenue for companies. For example, by adding plant-based burgers and other products to their menus, restaurants are able to cater to a new niche that might not have been visiting these establishments previously. The same principle applies to pest control, with a niche of environmentally friendly customers that can grow and grow with more products and additional sales support by pest technicians.

“My personal experience with environmentally safe pest control, products and new technologies has been positive and I would definitely say enlightening,” says Rebecca Salas of Bug Bandit. “Of course, Bug Bandit will always be interested in backing the support of new technologies that could give the industry and its people a more effective, healthier, and overall progressive options for all pest control companies, technicians, product vendors, and even customers.”

One important aspect of developing these new tools and resources, says Salas, is that manufacturers and distributors need to be careful not to sell them as replacements for existing products, but rather as options.

“We are very supportive of the new technology innovations that are on the fast track to taking the entire pest control industry by storm. However, we hope that everyone involved with these new technologies, whether it be inventors, sellers, buyers, or representatives, are also understanding and acknowledging the very real and possible fact that these new technologies are not yet perfected and should not be marketed as an absolute replacement for technologies used that have been proven to be effective in the past, up until the present day.”


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