Jason Bearden owned a delinquent military surplus business in Hawaii


The company was delinquent in state filings three years in a row.

Manatee County Commission candidate Jason Bearden has touted his career as a veteran and business owner. But there’s a conspicuous gap in his LinkedIn resume. For about four years, he operated a business called Sta-Tactical that ultimately was shut down for delinquency by the state of Hawaii.

In operation from May 2011 until 2015, the Kaneohe, Hawaii-based company sold military surplus including gun stocks, slings and backpacks. But according to records with the Hawaii Business Registration Division, Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs, the business did not operate very long.

State records, which list Bearden as the agent of record for the business, show annual filings for the first year of business were not filed until March of 2013. Every year afterward, filings were ruled as delinquent.

A new television ad from Manatee County Carol Whitmore’s re-election campaign hammers Bearden for the business delinquency. But it says little of the business itself.

Bearden also hasn’t discussed the venture, and there’s little trace of it online. The company’s former website domain is now unregistered.

A Facebook page remains accessible, and it includes videos of Bearden promoting sales on products. There, he drops an apparent company motto: “Complacency kills. Sta-tactical,” with STA pronounced “stay.”

Internet archives show the company was dedicated to marketing surplus products to a veteran consumer base.

“Welcome to Sta-Tactical, where our aim is to provide you with gear from the top brands in the industry at the best rates anywhere,” a website stated.

“Our product specialists know almost everything about each item, or have the resources available to find an answer for you. We know other tactical gear sites out there can keep you waiting for weeks or months for your products. At Sta-Tactical we will begin processing your order as soon as it’s placed so you can receive your gear in days rather than weeks.”

Products range from hoodies to gun accessories and books. Videos show how to use armor, and Bearden discussed a virtual shopping model where consumers can Skype him at any point and he will fit a mannequin with the products.

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