Kellyanne Conway urges Ron DeSantis to give up on 2024 run


Conway: DeSantis should serve two terms, stand down for Trump in 2024.

A straw poll at lthe Turning Point USA conference in Tampa struck a former and perhaps future Donald Trump advisor as “significant” evidence of what Republicans want in 2024. And that advisor is urging Gov. Ron DeSantis to focus on serving two full terms as Florida Governor, with a White House run after that, essentially clearing the field for the former President.

Kellyanne Conway told Fox Business Network Monday that the TPUSA straw poll, which showed Trump with 78% support against 20% for DeSantis, was indeed a meaningful sign of where party activists are for 2024.

“He’s a great Governor, he’s fascinating. He could be a two-term, and he’s got a great sense for the culture warrior part too. Ron DeSantis can be the best two-term Governor in Florida in modern history and run for President before he’s 50.”

“The poll is significant for President Trump,” Conway added, “because Gov. DeSantis did speak on Friday night. He was well-received. He’s an unbelievably successful and consequential Governor of Florida. But it’s President Trump who led in the polls.”

“I think if President Trump decides to run and formally declares his candidacy, it will be a bit of a field-clearer,” she added. “If he decides not to run, whoever does, and there will be dozens, they’ll all be running on the America First agenda.”

While Trump was the runaway winner of the overall straw poll, when omitted from the field DeSantis took control, with 87% support.

But holding that support through another four years as Governor might be a tall order were DeSantis to wait and run in 2028.

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