Land surveyor saves elderly man from drowning in Cape Coral canal


CAPE CORAL, Fla. — A land surveyor jumped into a Southeast Cape Coral canal to save an elderly man from drowning Monday morning.

Lorrie Hill lives on Kamal Parkway on the Mast Canal. She said what happened was much worse than any Monday morning Blues. 

“I was sitting in my room and I heard yelling ‘Help! Help! Help!’ and saw a gentleman laying in the water on his back,” she said. 

It was Hill’s neighbor, Bob, who had fallen into the water feeding the fish. She ran inside and called 911, bringing out towels. Meanwhile, a land surveyor marking off the property next door jumped into action. He saw Bob too.

A neighbor’s surveillance videos show the surveyor in a neon orange shirt hesitate, then dive in. Moments later, first responders arrived, lining Kamal Parkway. 

“Bob’s a large man so it took several people to get him out of the water and the surveyor man stayed with him the whole time, he was a very, very helpful man,” Hill said. She hails the man a neighborhood hero. 

The elderly man is now recovering in the hospital. “Bob, I hope you’re doing better. I want you to get well and come home soon,” Hill said.


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