LCSO releases identity of man killed after shooting deputy


LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. — The Lee County Sheriff’s Office has now released the name of the man who shot at a deputy and was killed on March 17.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno said Tyler Phillips shot Deputy Jaquez in the arm on State Road 82 and Gunnery.

Phillips has a lengthy criminal history and is a convicted felon.

Deputy Jaquez recognized the tags on Phillips’ vehicle did not match and pulled them over.

Phillips’ grandmother was driving the car.

“Can you imagine you are a grandmother you a driving your grandson who is pretty much fresh out of prison and here we are you are in the middle of a gun battle,” Sheriff Marceno said.

Deputy Jaquez tried getting Phillips out of the car.


According to the report, Phillips said “I don’t want to go back to jail” that’s when deputies said he jumped over his grandma and told her to drive.

Deputy Jaquez then smashed the passenger door window and tried to get Phillip out of the car.

Phillips then shot fired multiple rounds hitting Jaquez in the arm.

Jaquez shot back.

Phillips was found in a ditch.

“The suspect had no consideration for his grandmother or for anyone else’s life that day,” Sheriff Marceno said.

The Sheriff said he is thankful Deputy Jaquez survived. He’s also thankful to Florida Highway Patrol.

“They engaged that scene without hesitation, they stopped, the put tourniquets on his arm they saved our deputies’ life. It doesn’t matter if their uniform is a different color, doesn’t matter what their patch says our family members were out there in full force and FHP saved his life,” Sheriff Marceno said.

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