Lee County Commissioners approve changes to Sanibel Causeway project


SANIBEL, Fla. — If you enjoy going to Sanibel Island — then you should get excited for the shoreline project!

On Wednesday, Lee County Commissioners approved a few changes to the Sanibel Causeway Shoreline Stabilization project.

The focus will be on the Sanibel Causeway between Islands A and B.

In those areas, you can expect to see new and improved bike lanes, turn lanes, resurfacing and restriping. 

The work is in addition to the already existing project which would take the total contract to around 1.4 million dollars.

“A little bit of help out here would be great because they do take good care of it, it’s always clean and it’s a great place to come with the family if you want an alternative than directly to the beach,” said Stephen Christensen Sr, who visits the beach frequently.

The project is expected to be completed in December of 2024.


You can count on NBC2 to keep you updated as it continues.

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