Lee County man arrested for breaking into the home he lives in, stealing roommate’s hookah


FORT MYERS, Fla. – A man was arrested by Lee County deputies after he broke into a room inside his house and allegedly stole a hookah from his roommate.

Tyler Wesley, 19, was arrested Saturday evening after his roommate, Monica, called 911.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) released security camera video from inside Monica’s room showing Wesley attempting to cover the camera with cloth before dropping it and running from the room.

This happened at Wesley’s parents house on Naure Pointe Loop in rural Fort Myers. At one point, his mother and father invited Monica to live with them.

“She is the sister of one of my ex-friends,” said Amy Pacheco, Wesley’s mother. “She paid rent for like two months and then just stopped.”

To say the least, that welcome has worn off. Now their house is filled with tension and overrun with conflict, often resulting in LCSO deputies responding.

“She makes life like a living hades,” Wesley’s mother said.


That’s the reason why Pacheco thinks Monica called 911 after seeing the video.

“It’s not your fault, because you have an expectation of privacy for them not to go into your room,” a LCSO deputy told Monica in a video released by the sheriff’s office.

Monica told deputies that Wesley stole a brand new Hookah from her room. It’s something that Pacheco’s never seen in her house before, not even to this very day.

“For all I know, she could have it herself,” she said. “They haven’t found a hookah or anything else when they went through the house.”

While speaking with us, her husband discovered something else was missing too.

“My husband has a speaker that’s pretty much his pride and joy,” Pacheco said.

This isn’t a small speaker. She says it’s about four feet tall and was in her son’s closet behind the bedroom door locked. However, magically it seemingly got up and walked away.

“She’s the only one here, so,” Pacheco said.

Deputies were back at the home on Wednesday evening investigating, but didn’t say who might’ve taken it.

“Physically it makes me sick,” she said.

Amy and her husband want Monica gone, but they need to formally evict her if they want to force her out.

Until she leaves, Tyler can’t be at their house.

“It’s hell,” Pacheco said.

NBC 2 offered an interview to Monica, however, she declined it.

Wesley is out on bond facing charges of burglary and grand theft.

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