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LEE COUNTY, Fla. — With early voting for the 2022 primary underway, NBC2 asked Southwest Florida election officials why it’s so easy for felons to vote illegally. They say it’s up to everyone who has served their time to know if they’ve paid their fines and have the right to vote. Poll workers don’t have a list of felons to cross-check. 

“Box Number 2, I affirm that I am not a convicted felon or if I am, my right to vote has been restored. Box Number 2.” said Lee County Election Supervisor Tommy Doyle, who showed us on a sample ballot the box a felon has to check, assuring they have the right to vote. 

“You need to know, before you register to vote, you need to know your status. You need to know,” he said. 

Doyle explained that while Amendment 4 allows felons a chance to regain their voting rights, it doesn’t apply to those convicted of sexual assault or murder. For those who do, it’s their responsibility to have their fines paid and to check with the State Division of Elections. 

They also have to re-register to vote before election time. 

“It’s up to the voter, and the person registering to vote to know if he is eligible to vote, especially if he is an ex-felon, sexual offender, or murderer, it’s up to them to know if they’ve paid their fines and done their time. It’s their responsibility.” Doyle said. 

It’s part of a State-wide effort to ensure election security, and it’s not just for felons. They’re also looking for those voting multiple times, even by accident, in person, and absentee. 


“So sometimes it can get confusing especially for our senior voters, if you attempt to vote twice, you won’t vote and cast your ballot in the tabulator, you’ll vote a provisional ballot and that will come back to our office for review,” said Trish Robertson, Collier County Board of Elections

Voters that don’t follow the rules can go to prison and face fines for voting illegally. 

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