Lehigh Acres family catches dog damaging car while chasing cat


LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. — We showed you mysterious damages on a car in Lehigh Acres on Tuesday.

The Ramirez family wasn’t sure what caused these deep dents, but last night they caught the culprit in the act.

Since Monday, they said the damage is getting worse every night. They said they originally thought it was a bobcat causing all the trouble.

“We thought there was something out there trying to get them and we would see them all scratched up and everything and all bloody from the head,” said Rosy Ramirez.

The family believes their outdoor cats are getting chased by dogs and hide underneath the front bumper for safety.

“They probably were chasing the cat and wanting to get to it and it ended up on the car,” said Ramirez.

Rosy said she’s seen a lot of animals in the 15 years she’s lived in Lehigh Acres, but none have ever done damage to her property.

Rosy said she called Lee County Domestic Animal Services. If no one claims the dogs, they will be setting traps.


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