Lehigh Acres man arrested after running down coworker in car


LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. – A Lehigh Acres man has been arrested after he allegedly ran down one of his co-workers in his car following a work dispute.

According to the arrest report from the Lee County Sheriff’s Department, Willie Lee Tarver, 34, got into a dispute with a co-worker on Thursday when he was accused of damaging the other man’s cooler. Tarver got upset and punched the other man in the face.

The two would get in a small fight and would have to be separated, but Tarver would state that he would find him later and kill him.

As the other man was riding home on his bicycle, around 4:00pm, on Summerlin Square Drive in Fort Myers, he heard a vehicle approaching from behind. The man pulled over into the grass to allow the car to pass, but quickly realized the white four door sedan was rapidly approaching him.

The vehicle would veer off the road and strike the man from behind, sending him flying off his bicycle, before driving away. The victim would sustain injuries to his head, hip, back and face.

The victim got and made his way to a nearby carwash. He then noticed Tarver’s car emerge from a Walmart parking lot. Tarver then starred down the victim, before driving away.

Deputies arrived on the scene where they found tire marks consistent with a vehicle swerving off the road and then turning back on. It was also determined that there was no reason for a vehicle to pull onto the grass where the victim was riding.


Afterwards, Deputies would head to the residence of Tarver where they found a white vehicle that matched the description of the car from the incident. The car also had minor scuff marks, consistent with having been involved in a lower speed impact crash.

Tarver was arrested transported to the Lee County Jail where he faces a charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

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