Lovers Key State Park beach closed due to water contamination


ESTERO, Fla. — Lover’s Key Beach is a ghost town on Labor Day. What would usually be a heavy traffic day for the area is quiet because health officials shut it down to evaluate the water.

A park ranger told NBC2 crews Sunday that it was closed because the water was contaminated, but they didn’t say why. The beach access is blocked off and has a sign to let visitors know that they can’t go past it. NBC2 took their cameras to the Dog Beach just three minutes down the road. This water is the same water used at Lover’s Key, but there was no advisory in sight.

Many visitors said they had no idea about the water situation right down the road.

“I’m honestly shocked, especially because we probably wouldn’t have walked her through the water had we known the water 5 miles down the road is contaminated, and the beach is closed,” Anthony Stein, a Dog Beach Visitor, said.

Stein was visiting the Dog Beach Monday with his wife and his puppy. They said now they are going to go home and make sure they wash off.

Lover’s Key Beach water was tested on August 29, and the results were good, but effective September 3, officials closed it for swimming.

We have reached out to officials to see why there were no signs at the Dog Beach and when people can expect this issue to be resolved but have not heard back because offices are closed for the holiday.


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