Man arrested after shooting at Arcadia corrections officer checking in on him


ARCADIA, Fla. — A corrections officer trying to be a good samaritan ended up being the victim of a crime. The person he was trying to check on fired 10 shots at him.

Police report the victim had worked with the suspect’s family before, so he knew pretty much right away the suspect was Curtis Mobley.

Mobley is no stranger to local detectives.

“Since the 18 years I’ve been here, I’ve dealt with him on numerous occasions,” Lt. Troy Carrillo said.

Mobley’s faced charges of resisting an officer, possession of and selling cocaine, vehicle theft, careless driving and aggravated assault to name a few. Though he is a convicted felon, not one of his convictions involved violence.

His new charges, however, could make for his first violence related conviction.

“At this time, we’ve charged him with attempted murder of a correctional officer, shooting into an occupied vehicle, possession of firearm by a convicted felon and just recently he was placed on felony probation which we violated his probation also,” Carrillo said.


Reports read that the victim was heading into work Wednesday morning at the DeSoto Correctional Institution when he saw a flashlight in the area of Hector and Pine. The victim pulled over to make sure the person was okay.

Mobley said to the victim, “I’m trying to see why the f* you are riding in my hood all slow and s*.”

The victim went to turn his car around to leave when he noticed Mobley firing at him. Altogether, detectives found ten rounds.

When they used a search warrant to get inside Mobley’s house, they found a gun that matched the crime. As a convicted felon, Mobley was not allowed to have that weapon.

He’s being held now without bond seeing as he was on felony probation when this incident happened.

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