Man spotted peeping into a Buckingham woman’s home


BUCKINGHAM, Fla. — A Buckingham woman is worried after seeing a man taking photos and peering into her home while she was not home.

“Seeing how close he got and how comfortable he was, he didn’t seem nervous there was no purpose for him to be here,” homeowner Stacy Blumer said.

She said the picture of the man with his phone was taken from her security system.

“He opened this door, and he pressed his face right against these windows that are here, and he was looking in the house,” Blumer said. “Then he got his cell phone out and placed it against the windows and started taking pictures.”

She said the man did not stop there to invade her family’s privacy.

“Whatever his reason for being here, he overstepped,” Blumer said. “Even if he had a reason that comes to light someday, you don’t go up to somebody’s windows taking pictures.”

He walked around to their backyard to take more pictures, pointing his camera inside their home.


“I’m guessing if he saw that we were home, he wouldn’t have behaved the same way,” she said.

Then out of nowhere, he left.

“I don’t know if he got spooked or just decided he was in a hurry but he picked up the pace and went to his bike real quick and stormed down my driveway.”

Blumer called around to neighbors, insurance, and property appraisers but had no luck.

“I’ve called everywhere, and nobody says they recognize him,” she said.

She’s even filed a report with LCSO. The weirdest part, Blumer said, is how far their house is off the main road.

“Almost 1000 feet, almost like our driveway is a road by itself,” Blumer said. “There is no reason to pull down here. You can’t see my house from the road.”

She hopes someone recognizes this man, and he explains what he was up to.

That way, she and her family can feel at ease once again.

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