Man steals cash register from McGregor Pizza & Deli


FORT MYERS, Fla. – A small business owner woke up to watch their shop being ransacked in real time. It happened early Tuesday morning at the McGregor Pizza and Deli, who say its the second time they’ve been broken into in the 5 years they’ve been open.

The man who broke in to the store used a crow bar to gain entry, and helped himself to their cash register.

“I just jumped out of bed, hit the light on it, it kind of freaked him out. Then I woke up my husband and called 911.” said Katie Marciano, the owner of McGregor Pizza and Deli.

Marciano says the hooded man in the video was startled when she activated her Ring camera light, which is why he took her register “To Go”. She said he didn’t take much money, but did about $1500 worth of damage in the process.

“All that was in it was coins, half of them fell out on the way out. So he probably got about 4 dollars maybe… if he’s lucky?” Marciano said.

When she arrived at the business seven minutes later, police were everywhere.

“I’ve never seen so many police cars actually. They had a ton of cars here, a K9 unit and a drone, looking for him already.” she said.


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The man hasn’t been caught yet, but she hopes that the embarrassing video serves as a lesson.

“I would say get a job, so you dont have to hurt small businesses like this. There are plenty of people hiring.” Marciano added.

Anyone who recognizes the man in the video is asked to call the Fort Myers Police Department.

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