Marco Island woman spots large iguana moving through backyard


MARCO ISLAND, Fla. — After hearing strange noises in her backyard, a Marco Island woman captured the intruder on camera.

“I’ve always been cautious because I constantly hear something out there,” Sheri Sotheby said.

Sotheby started to notice weird things happening on her property right as she moved in.

“I just had never caught it on camera,” Sotheby said.

At first, she thought it was someone trespassing, but a quick check on her security camera told a different story.

“I saw what could be called scat, and I wondered if someone’s pet was in the yard, so that’s when I checked the camera,” she said.

And she did not expect what she saw.


“It was a large iguana,” Sotheby said.

Although this is a common sighting, this lizard is larger than others have seen before.

“Turn around and run, that’s like a dragon,” Brenda Sherman said.

FGCU Grad Student Ella Guedouar said people introduced this lizard to Florida illegally.

“It appears to be a pretty invasive large green iguana,” Guedouar said.

“A lot of invasive species are in Florida due to the pet trade,” she said.

You may be seeing more of these invasive iguanas soon. Experts said their mating season starts in October. But if you spot one, there are three simple ways to get rid of them.

“The first one is, you can try and shoo it away, so spray it with water, bang some pots and pans, and they’ll be scared away,” she said.

And if that does not work, you can humanely kill it, so it doesn’t suffer or call a trapper.

That is what the city suggests. The link for the iguana removal form is here.

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