Marco Rubio ad labels Val Demings a ‘blame America first radical rubber stamp’


U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio went on the offensive with a new TV ad targeting Democratic opponent Val Demings.

A 30-second spot slams the freshly minted Democratic nominee for her voting record and comments supportive of Black Lives Matters protestors. The ad puts on screen many interview soundbites for which Rubio has criticized Demings for months.

The launch of the advertisement comes after Rubio booked more than $1.3 million in airtime starting Wednesday.

The spot opens by tying the Orlando Democrat to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“Val Demings votes 100% with Pelosi,” the ad states, citing ProPublica information from Demings’ first two terms in Congress.

A narrator then states: “Demings praised defunding the police.”

Demings notably has pushed back on the characterization, even condemning the slogan, used by some progressive groups, as “crazy” in her own ads.

Rubio’s campaign has stood by its characterization and shows footage from a CBS News interview given by Demings in 2020 where Demings declines to criticize the Minneapolis City Council for dismantling its police department. The move was cited by those calling to “defund the police” as an example of sound reform. Demings in the interview states “The Council is being very thoughtful.”

The ad also more than once uses a clip of Demings stating “America has failed,” an excerpt from an interview on The Ellen Show after the death of George Floyd. The incident, which resulted in the conviction of a police officer on a murder charge, sparked mass protests nationwide, some of which descended into riots.

The ad also snaps a clip of Demings and runs it alongside video of riots, with Demings saying: “I thought it was a beautiful sight.”

Demings notably would be Florida’s first Black Senator, and has run on her own law enforcement background as an Orlando Police Chief.

The Rubio ad also paints the Democrat as dismissive of border security. “The crisis at the border is nothing new,” she says in another clip.

Ultimately, the ad brands Demings as “another blame America first radical rubber stamp.”

Rubio’s campaign team made clear it will keep scrutiny up from now until the November General Election.

“In her six years in Washington, Val Demings has proven that she’ll always side with the radical liberals who blame America first instead of with the people of Florida. Come November, Floridians will reject Demings’ pro-Defund the Police, open borders agenda and re-elect Marco Rubio,” said Rubio communications director Elizabeth Gregory.

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