Mark Lombardo’s latest attack ad questions why Donald Trump Jr. is campaigning for Matt Gaetz


Lombardo has launched a seres of attack ads against Gaetz over the summer.

In his final push before the Aug. 23 Primary Election, Mark Lombardo has come out with another attack ad against U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz.

The 30-second spot is a “sequel” to the ad Lombardo released last week suggesting Gaetz was “the informant” who led authorities to raid former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

“The Informant Part II” questions why Trump’s son, Don Jr., is coming to Pensacola on Monday to stump for Gaetz.

“What’s the real reason Don Jr. is coming to town?” a female narrator asks over footage of a moving car. An image of the former President with a question mark flashes on the screen as the narrator asks, “Is Trump sending him to get the answers everyone wants?”

“Is Matt Gaetz the informant?” the narrator asks. “Gaetz hasn’t denied it.”

“Trump rejected Gaetz’s pardon request,” the narrator states as a “Pardon Denied” stamp flashes over split images of Trump and Gaetz.

“Gaetz hired (Jeffrey) Epstein’s attorney,” the narrator continues. “Another Epstein attorney approved the raid.”

The ad then goes after Gaetz for allegedly being under federal investigation for sex trafficking.

“Did Gaetz cut a deal? Don Jr. deserves the truth. So do Northwest Florida voters. It’s time for Gaetz to come clean, on everything.”

In June, Lombardo, a Marine Corps veteran and former FedEx executive, entered the race for Florida’s 1st Congressional District, calling himself an “America-first” conservative and a “political outsider.”

Besides vowing to reform Washington, Lombardo has launched a series of attack ads against Gaetz over the summer, going after the incumbent for his behavior and comments towards women, allegedly putting the country’s secrets at risk, and missing 200 votes during his time in Congress.

“Matt Gaetz is a self-serving, professional politician with a long and growing record of putting himself and his interests ahead of his constituents,” Lombardo said in a statement. “It’s time to change who represents the good people of Northwest Florida.”

The Gaetz campaign fired back, saying: “Mark Lombardo keeps embarrassing himself. He is showing his desperation for Democrat donors by fundraising off ridiculous conspiracy theories. Donald Trump Jr. is coming to Pensacola to support Matt Gaetz because they are both America First fighters.”

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