Matt Wood ready for uphill battle in Lee County Commissioner race


LEE COUNTY, Fla. – It’s a story similar to David versus Goliath. A political underdog with next to no name recognition is trying to take on a former major league baseball player for a seat on the Lee County Commission.

Republicans outnumber Democrats in Lee County nearly two to one. Those numbers make it nearly impossible for a democrat to win.

Democratic candidate Matt Wood said the odds won’t stop him from trying to defeat Republican Mike Greenwell.

Wood took a break from the campaign trail Friday to spend time with his daughters at a Lehigh Acres Park and says his commission race is no day in the park as he coaxes his young daughter across the monkey bars.

“I’m for the people and the average working person that is just trying to make it here in this county,” Wood stressed.

The lifelong republican turned democrat realizes his grass root campaign faces an uphill battle.

“We’re going to need donations. We need to buy signs and get advertising up,” Wood stressed after pinning campaign buttons to his daughter’s book bag.


Political Consultant Dennis Pearlman said that hope is a great thing but without money, it’s impossible for any candidate to touch the over 510,000 registered voters in Lee County.

Write-in candidate Anglea Chenaille has even fewer odds of winning.

“Never in history and never in the future in this county will a write-in candidate win an elected position,” Pearlman noted.

Mike Greenwell said it was a relief after he won the Republican Primary defeating Joseph Gambino and John Albion and said he isn’t taking anything for granted.

“Everybody says never take your foot off the gas,” Greenwell responded.

Despite the major league baseball players and the backing of the governor, he plans to continue his general election campaign to the finish line.

“We still have to run against Matt Wood here and I’m proud of him for stepping up,” Greenwell said.

Despite the odds, Wood appears as determined as his daughter to cross the finish line just as she eventually slayed the monkey bars in the park.

The General Election is November 8th. Every voter who is registered in Lee County can vote in the District 5 commission race.

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